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Lenstec HQ

Lenstec Main Office - St. Petersburg, FL

Lenstec, Inc. is a Florida-based medical device corporation serving the global ophthalmic surgical market, with products currently marketed in more than 60 countries. We design, manufacture and distribute a wide range of intraocular lens (IOL) implants and lens injection systems, and have an established reputation for rapid prototype design and development and high quality/low cost manufacturing.

In late April 2010, Lenstec received its first US FDA approval with the Softec HD lens. This lens is the first monofocal implant to be approved with 0.25D steps and is designed to be the most accurate IOL on the market today. It is a hydrophilic acrylic implant made from a hydrogel base material that is currently used by many other internationally known IOL companies worldwide.

In June 2010, Lenstec received its 2nd US FDA approval with the Softec I implant. The Softec I is a traditional “non-aspheric” optic design with traditional 0.5D steps and in the same material and Mod-C loop design. It is a lens that provides a new technology material to the traditional IOL for a strong upgrade from low cost silicone implants for the cost-conscience ASC facility.

Founded in 1993, Lenstec currently has offices in Florida and the United Kingdom, and a 30,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Barbados, designed by Lenstec to exceed all medical device standards.