The World’s Most Accurate Aspheric IOL

The Power to Predict IOL implantations are one of the most successful global surgical procedures, with an estimated 12 to 15 million IOLs inserted each year. This number is projected to grow considerably over the next 20 years due to the aging population and, most importantly, patient demand for higher quality vision.

Lenstec’s Softec HD implant was designed to meet these higher patient expectations in a micro-incision lens that requires no instrumentation or skill changes by the surgeon and offers the added benefit of Precision Series labeling for consistently improved outcomes.

The Softec HD addresses the issue of spherical aberration inherent in conventional monofocal spherical IOLs by adjusting the optic with a patented design on both the anterior and posterior surfaces. The curvature of the lens element is calculated and shaped to achieve the ideal single point of focus. This enhanced aspheric optic has minimal spherical aberrations and results in sharper vision for the patient.

  • Addresses both negative and positive corneal aberration profiles
  • Forgiving of tilt or decentration
  • Decreases small pupil sensitivity
  • No skills or instrumentation change

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