Lenstec was founded as an engineering company that specialized in optical design and manufacturing expertise in the IOL (intraocular lens) industry. The company began by manufacturing PMMA (polymethalmethacrylate) lenses, and continued on to develop IOLs manufactured in all categories and for all possible anterior or posterior chamber placements.

When you read about our company in the “About Us” section of this site, you will see our history and technology in the IOL industry. When you compare this history against the products in this section, you see the progression of design and function within the IOL business.

All lenses in this section are available for international distribution. Only some of the newer designs are US FDA approved and are available for US domestic sale. With the regulatory costs associated with USFDA approvals, we will be focused on entering the newest and most popular designs into the US market.

The Softec HD: The new Softec HD is now the first Lenstec lens with an FDA approval. This new lens is designed to be the most accurate IOL on the market today with Precision Series 0.25D steps and high tolerances between power selections throughout a wide range of powers.

The Softec HDO addresses the negative dysphotopsia “salute” due to the oval optic which measures 5.75mm x 6.5mm and is the largest one-piece foldable Hydrophilic optic available.

The Softec HD Pre-Loaded Injector utilizes the above Softec HD in a completely disposable injection system  which reduces handling and loading errors and allows for quicker operating room turnover.

The Tetraflex Active Lifestyle Lens: Most surgeons around the world recognize Lenstec through the design of the Tetraflex lens. The Tetraflex is one of the most popular premium IOLs outside of the US. We anticipate that with the FDA’s approval of the Tetraflex, we will see a strong interest from our US surgeons for this truly unique design and technology.

With Precision Series powers on the Tetraflex, we will introduce the most accurate Premium Channel implant to the US market. The combination of HD optics and Precision Series accuracy will allow the Tetraflex to be the newest generation of premium IOLs in the US market.

The Softec1: With continued Medicare reimbursement changes, the market has a need for an implant with the latest technology in biocompatible material and single piece implant design. Many cost effective purchases for IOLs have been made in old technology and old silicone materials. Lenstec has responded with a new technology answer for the cost-effective needs in the market, and achieved FDA approval on the Softec1.

The Softec1 has introduced a match to the needs of this new Medicare market where value meets technology. Find some answers to these questions by looking into the Softec1 pages for more information on this unique design and offering from Lenstec.

In addition to the IOL technology and innovation, Lens introduced a new IOL delivery system with the PLI (pre-loaded injector). The PLI will be the first delivery system for injection and delivery of the IOL into the eye without being touched by human hands in the operating room. The PLI is designed to provide a better system for the surgeon to use when injecting these new technology IOLs through smaller incisions and in more challenging cataract cases. We are excited to bring this exclusive new delivery system to the progressive ophthalmic surgeons we serve.

Whatever design you are interested in, you can click the design category on the left column to view each design and learn more about the specifics, the implantation technique, testimonials from surgeons who use these products and patients who have been implanted with these IOLs.

If after your review, you would like to learn more or schedule a surgical evaluation, please let us know. You can contact us at our toll-free number to the corporate offices or feel free to respond directly through this site by linking to “ask a question” and let us know how we can serve you.